5) Shopping, entertainment  and Restaurants within walking distance: The Nelscott neighborhood has restaurants, shops and

Theaters from live to multiplex.

6) The Bigger Picture: Lincoln City has many restaurants,

extensive and diverse retail and entertainment offerings.

Future Developments:

a) In 2006 Lincoln City developed an all inclusive Vision, Mission Statement and Development plan.

  1. b)Since 2008 the development plan has resulted in many neighborhood improvements  http://www.lincolncity.org/index.asp?SEC=%7B8DE6E084-1566-4568-A482-63860552DDEE%7D

  2. c)From the summer of 2008 to the beginning of 2009 community efforts blocked attempts by developers to create mixed use, apartment and condominium development in Nelscott. The pages that follow the Contact Me page, were designed and launched to inform the community (neighborhood members, the Planning Commission, The City Council and Developers). The properties across the creek from The Beach House were protected. Two houses have been built across the creek since then both are sheltered from view by design and by trees and do not disturb the tranquility.  Young trees (Shore Pines, Red Cedar.


d) A beautiful house is currently being build on the lot south of the lot currently for sale. The building process is document on the 3087 Beach  page. The see this house, go to 3087 Beach Avenue, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

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